Friday, March 19, 2010

Bean - The So-Called Moderate

How could Congresswoman Bean consider herself a moderate? There have been several votes where she could have put her constituents, her district and her "moderate" beliefs ahead of her party. She chose not to. Cap and trade. BAD for small business, bad for constituents paying for electricity and natural gas. BAD on principle, VERY BAD in this economy.

Congresswoman Bean voted for the Healthcare bill to get out of the House to go to the Senate. BAD for small business, VERY BAD for every person who needs to see a doctor. Common sense dictates that by covering 30 million more people with the same or less number of existing doctors, that healthcare would not be rationed. It just defies logic.

It also defies logic that covering 30 million more people will not raise the deficit and debt. How could there be more people to cover without it costing more money? The obvious answer is to increase taxes, but how much can you raise taxes? Raise taxes on healthcare, raise taxes on energy, raise taxes on investments, etc. At some point, the well runs dry.

The truth of the matter is that Congresswoman Bean has put party ahead of people. If she votes for the Healthcare bill, whether it be by deem and pass or an outright vote, she can no longer consider herself a moderate Democrat. A lot of people stopped considering her a moderate a while ago, but with this important legislation, she will no longer be able to consider herself a moderate. She will be as progressive and liberal as her party tells her to be. That's where her record stands, and SHE should have the courage to stand for principles and the constituents that she went to Washington with and for, not loyalty to party first.

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